100 Reasons to be Happy at School

The Finnish institute in Estonia was once again present at the annual Arvamusfestival in the historically beautiful town of Paide.       EST   I   ENG

Photo Team Finland

For this year’s discussion, we chose a topic that combines two important issues that everyone has both opinions and first-hand experience of.   The topic happiness at school raises both memories from our past, but also concern for our younger generations.  Continue reading “100 Reasons to be Happy at School”


Public Art – Why and to Whom?

A survey in Finland shows that a large part of citizens strongly support the idea of art in public spaces. A considerable part is even willing to pay more for an apartment in a location where the percent-for-art principle has been implemented. The seminar held in Tallinn introduced the experience of public art in Estonia, Sweden and Finland.


Project Prosentti taiteelle. Photo Aino Huovio

Practices within the public art sector are varying considerably between Estonia, Finland and Sweden. In Estonia, the Ministry of Culture is the only official way through which the percent-for-art principle is implemented. The principle is regulated by law and applies to construction projects initiated by the state. Continue reading “Public Art – Why and to Whom?”